Secure Data, Safeguard Businesses

Any Corporate Business can achieve Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability to your data through our Threat Independence Security Program because it protects the core of business data by Revealing and Eliminating Potential Threats, containing them within the security boundaries without sacrificing Efficiency, while keeping it in line with the Business Objectives

The F12 Purpose

To mitigate the risk of connected business network, providing a safer environment for information exchange, ideas to be codified and brought to life.

How we do it?

​A cybernetic approach to data security.

By providing a self-healing system that mitigate risk, to protect against threats that disrupt the interest and progression of an organisation's predefined goals. We consistently check and re-align directions to stimulate progression in different stages of growth for our clients.

​How we help our clients

Information Security Emergency Response Team

​Rapid Response Team for Data Security incidents and corrective measures to prevent re-occurrence. InSERT conducts regular vulnerability assessment and gap analysis, put in place preventive measures to help client stay on top of situation and to review effectiveness of security policies

Infrastructure Observation and Risk Management

Management services for data risk mitigation and security monitoring. Being the first in Asia to establish a Data Risk Mitigation Centre in Singapore. The DRMC manages and mitigate all potential threats and risk to client's data to prevent data loss and theft. Resulting in a more reliable and secured infrastructure for business transaction

Intervention Against Cyber Threat

Employ strategy to ensure data integrity and business continuity. Our Data Security Officers implement policies to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data within the organisation, defining technical controls to safeguard data at rest and in motion, and ultimately to enable organisation to be Threat Independent

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