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Your Cyber Security Partner Protecting your Data  Round the Clock

Your Cyber Security Partner Protecting your Data  Round the Clock


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Find out what is Actual security vs Perceived security

F12 Purpose

We bring about change towards responsible behaviors on the use of information technology. Influence the good moral, values, and ethical conduct in our everyday life similarly in the cyberspace, so everyone can benefit from the use of technology positively. As such, we synergize and maximize the value of trust between people, process, and technology.


13 Years Experience

Our experiences put us in the best position to assess and design Cyber Security Programs that helps protect business data


Comprehensive Service

Programs are designed and customized according to industry needs with our Security Consultant's guidance throughout the deployment phase


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eliminating Cyber Security Threats by identifying root cause instead of treating the symptom to achieve Threat Independence

How we do it

A Cybernetic approach to Security

We mitigate risk, deter threats and consistently check to re-align directions and intercept any threats that could disrupt the interest and progression of organisation's predefined goals.

Data breach harms your brand reputation

Understand weaknesses in the network that could cause a data breach to your business. We provide you with reports that will reveal actual security posture about your network compared to the perceived security posture.
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Many organisation perceived their environment is safe. We give you the comparison of the actual security vs the perceived security. Find out what's the truth

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